Kazakhstan National Committee "Man and Biosphere"

All-Russian conference "UNESCO Biosphere Reserves in Russia: current state and prospects of development" started its work on December 8 at Sochi. More than 80 experts (mainly reserves of directors), including guests from Belarus and Kazakhstan take part in the meeting.

On the first day, some presentations were made by Belonovich D.M. - Director of the Department of State Policy and Regulation in the Sphere of Environment Protection, Ministry of Natural Resources, by Dr. Neronov V.M. - Deputy Chairman of the Russian MAB National Committee, by Stepanitsky V.B. - Deputy Director of the Department of State Policy and Regulations in the field of Environment Protection environment, by Dr. Minaeva T.Y. - Senior Researcher, Institute of Forest Science, by Dr. Jashenko R.V. - Vice-President of the UNESCO program "Man and Biosphere" for Asia and Pacific, Dr. Rybyanets N.M. - Deputy Chairman of the Belorussian National Committee and other experts. A round table on the topic "Why reserves and nat. parks Russia the status of Biosphere Reserves of UNESCO?" was conducted.